Brown Feather Designs was created by Leanne Abramo in 2007. Originally from Indianapolis, Leanne attended Ball State University where she received a BFA in Photography. After living in both New Orleans and Chicago, she moved back to her home state and received her Associates degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute. She currently resides with her wife and their 2 sons in Indianapolis.

The story behind Brown Feather Designs started with her grandfather, Earl Valentine King. He was a craftsman and folk artist; always creating birdhouses and wooden decorations, as well as writing about his own history. In her third-grade class, they had “Pioneer Day.” In her role as a Native American, Earl gave Leanne the name “Brown Feather” based on his knowledge of their heritage with the Powhatan tribe. It also marked his affection for her and is what he called for the rest of his life until he passed away in 2003. The name stuck with her and she uses it as a namesake and as a mark to honor his creativity, his intelligence, and his boundless spirit.